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Java / Spark – Printing RDDs from Spark Streaming

A common challenge when writing functional code in Spark is to simply output logs as we usually do it in ordinary applications where line for line is processed sequentially and a debug message could be printed at an arbitrary place … Continue reading

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Java – Streams vs Collections vs Loops

Trying to figure out what method serves best in java to get the maximum timestamp out of a list I setup a small benchmark to evaluate the runtime of Java Streams, collections and an ordinary for loop. My setup can … Continue reading

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Short Eclipse proxy guidelines

If you consider yourself as developer and if you use Eclipse as IDE you might at least once faced that problem that you sat behind a proxy in some customers network and need to use to connect to the internet … Continue reading

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Deploy a web application to an embedded Tomcat 8

I’ve found various tutorials on creating an embedded tomcat programatically and deploy a web application to it. Unfortunately, non of the tutorials was up to date using Tomcat 8 and actually non was showing how to deploy anything else but … Continue reading

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Java Fehler – Archive for required library could not be read or is not a valid ZIP file

Arbeitet man mit einem Team an einem Java-Projekt, dass Maven nutzt, kann es vorkommen, dass bestimmte Abhängigkeiten referenziert werden, ohne, dass sie auf der Platte vorhanden sind. Eclipse (oder das entsprechende Maven-Plugin) tendiert in dem Fall dazu die Fehlermeldung Archive … Continue reading

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[Java EE] JSF visualization library VisualFaces

I am currently writing my master thesis on Big Data Visualization. To achive stunning visuals I decided to use d3.js which is a (nearly) perfect library to display data in an innovative and fancy way. To be able to use … Continue reading

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[Java] 100 common words in German, English and French

To exclude common words from word and tag clouds and determine them in text mining procedures it is neccessary to determine them beforehand. The following Java class will help you to find them in the languages German, English and French. … Continue reading

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Developing custom JSF 2.0 components

In this tutorial I want to show you how to create a classic JSF 2.0 component in pure Java (Classic != Composite Component).     Furthermore, you learn how to package it to an own JSF taglib (meaning: as a … Continue reading

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[Hadoop] hadoop.job.ugi nicht in Lokations-Optionen vorhanden

Ein weiteres Problem über das ist beim Einrichten des Eclipse-Plugins gestolpert bin, ist, dass die Eigenschaft hadoop.job.ugi die laut dem Yahoo-Tutorial gesetzt werden soll nicht vorhanden ist. Diese erscheint erst, wenn einmal eine erfolgreiche Verbindung zum Filesystem hergestellt werden konnte … Continue reading

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[Hadoop] Auf HDFS auf Virtual Machine über Eclipse zugreifen

Ich beschäftige mich in letzter Zeit ein wenig mit dem Thema BigData. Yahoo stellt dafür ein gutes Tutorial bereit, allerdings klappt es nicht wie beschrieben eine Verbindung aus Eclipse auf eine Virtual Machine herzustellen auf der das entsprechende Filesystem liegt … Continue reading

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