Short Eclipse proxy guidelines

If you consider yourself as developer and if you use Eclipse as IDE you might at least once faced that problem that you sat behind a proxy in some customers network and need to use to connect to the internet downloading either maven dependencies or plugins for your IDE. Since I struggle with the configuration of the proxy in nearly every project I decided to write these few facts down in case they might help you, too.

In Eclipse → Window → Preferences → General → Network Connections you find the following view. The combobox named Active Provider lists three options to configure a proxy. Native uses the native OS settings, Manual allows you to enter a proxy host, port, user name and password yourself and Direct connects directly to the desired URL.


As a first step you might want to edit the proxy settings for a manual setup and enter the proxy server properties as provided by your network administrator. Then follow these two simple rules for your later work in Eclipse:

  • When downloading software from an online repository or the Eclipse marketplace – Set the proxy to Manual
  • When downloading maven dependencies – Set to proxy to Native

That’s it!


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