[JavaScript] Some fantastic free icons from raphaeljs.com

Today I found a fantastic set of icons published under MIT license. They were drawn by Dmitry Baranovskiy and can be found here. If you need to create infographics or any other kind of data visualization you might have faced the problem of where to find fitting icons to illustrate facts, data or captions. So thanks to Dmitry for this collection.

P.S. I wouldn’t even be able to collect ideas for 266 idividual images! 🙂

[Big Data] Visualize huge amounts of geo data using WebGL-Globe

For my Master Thesis I’m evaluating several interesting frameworks to visualize Big Data in the browser. Next to the fantastic D3.js I found WebGL quite helpful even if it is not as far developed as its 2D predecessors. Nevertheless, Google shows some impressive examples of what is possible with WebGL on their site chrome-Experiments.com. To give you a first impression on what can be done with those examples I want to show a screenshot I took that visualizes German students who study in a foreign country.

Source code is not more than ~50 lines so that it can be adapted to your personal needs easily.